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Websand Helpdesk

This listing contains all of the help videos and notes we’ve produced to help you get the most from your Websand platform

Set UpImport | Segmentation | Messages | Campaigns | Reporting 

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Getting Started

Websand is unique to each client, we have some ‘out of the box’ data structures ready to implement (we’ll get Magento clients up and running in a few days).  Others need planning and support.

Either way, like your customers your business is unique and needs to stay that way for you to be even more successful.

Websand will help you to get your data right and get your strategy right.  But the platform is only as good as the marketing strategy you create, and the data you hold.  For more tips and thoughts get in touch or check out our blog posts.

Importing data into Websand

How to import your data into Websand >>

Import data using an import template >>

Creating customer segmentation

Customer segmentation is created in Websand using the Search function.

Creating Customer Segmentation using Websand >>

Creating Advanced Customer Segmentation using Websand >>

Creating Date Driven Customer Segmentation using Websand >>

Creating your email marketing messages

Create your own email messages through our email editor or drop in your own HTML code.

How to create an email marketing message >>

How to edit an email marketing message >>

Creating marketing automation campaigns

Data Driven Marketing Automation Campaigns or single one off batch campaigns to an audience are controlled through the ‘Campaign’ function

How to create and manage your marketing automation campaigns >>

Understanding your marketing performance

You can assess your Marketing Campaign outcomes and Marketing ROI through Marketing campaign reporting or through creating a [Search]

Marketing performance reporting >>