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Grow your eCommerce store with customer focused email marketing

Let Websand’s dynamic segmentation handle your data management, so you can focus on creating targeted email messages that will supercharge your email marketing and boost your revenue.

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Three easy steps to customer retention

You’ve worked so hard to gain your customers. Let’s keep them coming back for more.

Data at your fingertips

Data-wrangling made easy. No more drowning in complicated spreadsheets. Bring your transaction data into Websand for instant clear visuals on your customers’ behaviour.

Websand Data Driven Marketing Dashboard
Websand Segmentation Planning Overview

Dynamic segmentation

Unlock the value of your customer data with segmentation that automatically updates, showing you which customers are most valuable to your business.

Simple communication

Set up beautiful, engaging emails using the drag-and-drop editor. Send your customers the right message at the right time and make your life easier with email automation.

Email Design Framework

Why choose Websand for email marketing?

“The whole experience from end-to-end is more personal. Websand quickly understood our brand and the support we receive is second to none. We never had this understanding, flexibility and support with Mailchimp. To have someone on the end of the phone, email and/or SMS, makes a huge difference to their overall level of service”

Jon Hutchings, Head of Ecommerce at 304 Clothing

Convert your email marketing to Websand

Start sending targeted, personalised email marketing in minutes

increased customer lifetime value

Increased profits

Move to customer focused marketing increase customer spending by 25%

Save Time

Save time

Let dynamic segmentation and automation do the heavy lifting – rinse and repeat!

Save Money

Smarter acquisition

Feed customer insights into paid acquisition marketing for improved results

more email marketing clicks with Websand

Valuable insights

Clearly understand who buys what, how often and how much they spend

Websand support

Personal support

Ongoing one-to-one support to get the best from your email marketing

GDPR compliance

GDPR compliance

Let dynamic segmentation and automation do the heavy lifting – rinse and repeat!

Marketing CRM that’s a perfect fit for e-commerce, leisure and hospitality

Use Websand Marketing CRM to really understand your data, to make your email marketing targeted and so much more effective. But email marketing needs data, that’s why we’ve built Websand to integrate your existing systems, and we are standing by to help you migrate

Websand woocommerce email marketing integration
Websand Magento email marketing integration
Websand Shopify email marketing integration
Websand Eventbrite email marketing integration
Websand zapier email marketing integration

Websand connects with 1000’s of other systems too

We think of integration as business lego. Integrations need to be flexible but simple to apply. Connect with no code using our Zapier integration and select from 1000’s of preset integrations to other e-commerce, CRM, or business platforms.

Or ask your dev team to connect through your own integration to our REST API

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It’s time to start getting more from your email marketing

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