How to import your data into Websand

Once your Websand instance is set up, you can directly import your data (in csv format) into Websand using the import function.

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How to Import your data using a CSV file

If you don’t want to connect your database or e-commerce system directly to Websand you can import the data you want at your leisure using a CSV file.  

Get your data ready, save it has a CSV file, make sure it has no ’empty columns’ and follow this simple process.

Before starting the import process for the first time, please read the mandatory requirements for your CSV and make sure that all the columns in your CSV file are named.

  1. Click on ‘Import‘ from the Websand header menu.
  2. Click on the ‘New Import’ button in the top right of the screen.
  3. Click the choose file button and select your CSV file from your computer
  4. Click the upload button
  5. You are now in the mapping stage of the import.  Select which table you wish to map your CSV to within Websand.  Usually you would select from customer, transaction, order line or prospect table (depending on your set up)
  6. Selecting your table will open the mapping options for the selected table.  To map the content of your CSV file to the selected table, select the relevant field from the dropdown list for each of the columns. Ignore any columns you do not which to map.
  7. Once all the fields are ‘mapped’, give the import template a name at the bottom left of the page and press the [save and use] button to move save the template.
  8. From the import screen, select the [start import] button to commence the import process.
  9. The import will now commence.  Press the [refresh] button to check progress.
  10. Upon completion the number of records uploaded and rejected will be provided.


Important Note

Upon upload any records that meet the criteria of any search criteria will be included in that search count, and any marketing triggers related to this search will immediately be actioned.


Mandatory Fields

If you are uploading to the customer table, then your file must include a customer ID (or customer reference) and an email address.

If you are uploading to the prospect table, then your file must include an email address.

If you are uploading to the order or transaction table, then your file must have a transaction or order ID (or reference).

If you are uploading to the order line table, then your file must have a transaction or order ID (or reference) and an order line ID.



Before uploading your CSV, please make sure that all of the columns have a title.  Otherwise this could cause issues with the upload process.

If you are not offered a table to select, please click on the Import from the Menu – this will reset the process.  Then delete the import from the process and check your CSV file content (do all the columns have headers?) before you repeat the process.


If you experience any problems with this import process, please email [email protected]