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Email marketing design within Websand

Using Websand for your email marketing design

The Websand drag and drop email template editor makes the designing of stunning emails easy.

Use the drag and drop structure to build stunning email marketing communications without the need for HTML code or other tools. And it’s device and inbox optimised so you can design with confidence.

Creating an email template

Websand has a best in class drag and drop editor and marketers love it.  No more fiddly HTML, or time consuming image resizing.  Just import your images into the mobile optimised editor and drag them around.

Websand email editor example message
Websand email editor adding an image

Managing your image library

Connect your existing image libraries and your social media accounts.  Search from over 500,000 rights free images (thank you Unsplash, Pixel, Pixabay).  Edit, filter, resize or crop your existing images.  All features within the Websand drag and drop editor.  No wonder marketers love it.

Preparing to Send

Before you are able to send any marketing campaign or automation, you need to create a send identity.  Here is the process on how to do that.

Create a send identity
Screenshot Activate Websand Automation


Now the really powerful bit.  Create a responsive marketing engine based on the behaviour of your customers with our simple to set up Marketing automation.

Websand Dashboard
Websand Integrations
Websand Import Data
Websand dynamic segmentation
Websand Sending Email Icon
Websand marketing automation

Need help with your email marketing design?

If you need more help using the Websand drag and drop editor, or you are looking to outsource your email template designs. We can help. Get in touch.

Email or book a chat with us on the calendar below.