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Websand makes the process of creating marketing automation campaigns easy. No three-day training programmes required, simply design your message, create your segment and connect the two in the automation screen. Make the automation active and that’s your marketing automation in play. Simple.

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Getting started with marketing automation

Websand gives you the tools to create powerful responsive marketing automation based on the behaviour of your audience.  Rather than scheduled weekly boosts, email automation gives a regular daily flow of marketing activity.  And it works.  Really works.  The responses from automation are typically 3x the level of a normal email campaign.

However, to get things moving properly needs a bit of planning.

This post lists the elements that you need to deliver a successful marketing automation campaign.  Integrations, segmentation, email design and a sprinkle of GDPR.

Please check out our Marketing Automation FAQ at the end of this post to help you along the way.


Now the really powerful bit.  Create a responsive marketing engine based on the behaviour of your customers with our simple to set up Marketing automation.

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Websand API integrations

Integrations and open API

Sending email without data is impossible.  So we’ve made Websand easy to connect to.  Import your existing subscriber and order information and then keep the data flowing through an ongoing integration.  Select from the 1000’s of business connections through our Zapier partnership or connect to our open REST API.   Need help?  Book a call and we’ll get you onboarded.

Dynamic Segmentation

Segmentation is the key feature of Websand.  Use segmentation to manage your email audience into key groups.  Organise your audience based on profile, spending habits or marketing history.  Save a huge amount of time and have your customer data managed as you need it whenever you need it.

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Websand email editor example message

Creating an email template

Websand has a best in class drag and drop editor and marketers love it.  No more fiddly HTML, or time consuming image resizing.  Just import your images into the mobile optimised editor and drag them around.

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Preparing to Send

Before you are able to send any marketing campaign or automation, you need to create a send identity.  Here is the process on how to do that.

Creating your send identity >>

Create a send identity
Websand GDPR functionality sub menu

Dealing with GDPR

Websand has built in a series of features to help you become and retain your GDPR compliance.  But remember, Websand acts as a data processor, so please make sure you collect your audience data responsibly.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Marketing Automation

Automation is a key feature of Websand, combining segments and your email designs to send hyper targeted marketing based on the behaviour of your audience.

Putting automation in place can be a bit daunting, but no need to worry.  We recommend you start slowly so you get a feel for the automation process and then add more automation campaigns.  You’ll become a master of automation in no time ????

It’s normal to have questions so here are some of the most regular questions people have in relation to Automation.  If you need more help, simply get in touch.


How can I schedule an Automation?

Websand Automation needs a segment to function, and it’s your segmentation that controls who receives the marketing message from your Automation.   As people join a segment they will be sent an automated message.  That can be troublesome if the segment is time based such as retention.  In that event, when the segment updates overnight the marketing automation would be triggered.  To prevent that you can assign a time to schedule your automation.  When assigned, the automation would fire at that time on a daily basis.


Can I delete an Automation?

You can delete an automation but you will lose the campaign history for that automation.


Can I edit an Automation?

You can edit an automation but since people can only be included once for every automation campaign that’s not recommended.  Rather than editing an automation, it’s best to disable the existing automation and create a new one.


If I change the message template what happens to the Automation?

If by editing you mean editing the message, you can edit the message in the template editor.  The revised message would then be used in the automation from that point forward.


What happens if I delete a segment linked to an Automation?

If you delete a segment that is linked to an automation, the automation becomes invalid and will stop.  Before deleting a segment we recommend that you check if it is in use within an automation first.


Why can’t I link a combined segment to an Automation?

You can connect any type of segment apart from a combined segment to an automation.


Will people receive an Automation more than once?

People can only receive an automation once. This rule is based on the name of the automation, so please name your automations wisely.

In some cases, people will never receive an automation.  Those people in a segment before the automation is activated will only receive the message if the automation is applied retrospectively within the automation setup.  If the retrospective option is not applied, the people in the segment at the time you activate the automation will be tagged but will not be sent the message.


What happens if someone unsubscribes from an Automation?

If someone unsubscribes they are added to the suppressions list and are removed from any future marketing.  You can access the suppressions to resubscribe people by clicking on the suppressions button within the Audience tab on the Websand home screen.


How often to the automations trigger

Only one of the automations is immediate, that is the Welcome Automation.   The other automations run on a two hour cycle.


Any other questions?  Please get in touch.

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