Getting Started with Websand

Websand is a data management and marketing automation platform designed to make it easy to increase your marketing performance and audience engagement through data driven marketing.   

Websand fits around your existing structure and is set up to your needs.  This section explains how to get started with Websand.

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Getting started with Websand

Websand is a marketing automation platform that allows you to create data driven marketing processes that bring your marketing strategy to life.  

The marketing processes you create are driven by the data you collect from your audience.  

This moves your marketing from a ‘push’ activity driven by the needs of your business, to a ‘pull’ activity driven by the behaviour of your audience.  

Marketing automation brings your marketing strategy to life, makes your marketing an ongoing process and ensures that the messages you send are relevant, targeted and personalised.  

The outcome is an increase in audience engagement of at least 50%, and a deeper understanding of what your audience is likes and dislikes. 

Of course, you still need to create more traditional ‘push’ marketing campaigns and you can do that too.  

This simple video explains the Websand concept.

Websand is unique to your business.

Just each customer you deal with is different, we recognise that the same is true for us.  As a result, Websand creates a data structure that is unique and separate for each client.

That allows you to get the full benefits of Websand without having to fit into a new ‘software’.  We will mirror your existing data structure and then give you the tools to get closer to your customers.


Data driven marketing based on your customer data.

Websand creates a database for your business – combining key data from all of your existing databases and/or data sources into a single marketing platform to drive superpowered customer focused marketing!

Websand adds value to your existing data.  We work on the ‘if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it’ mantra, so we always look to work with your existing systems.  Change will be limited to the people running your marketing (and in our experience so far, they love it).

An example of a foreign key relationship within a typical ecommerce Websand set up is featured in the diagram below.

Database Foreign Key explained

That is why we always want to have a conversation during a Websand set up – to make sure the data structure fits your needs.


Ecommerce platforms

Websand is ideal for e-commerce businesses.  Making it easy to create and market to groups based on key metrics such as customer lifetime value and time since last purchase.   You’ll be increasing customer loyalty and improving customer retention in no time.


Magento users

If you are an existing Magento user, we are ready for you and have a Websand data structure set up and ready to go.

Get in touch and we’ll start the process.


Sendgrid Users

If you are an existing Sendgrid user, we can help you to manage your data more effectively, create marketing automation and use your existing Sendgrid messages.

To get started we’ll need you to create a new credentials user within your Sendgrid account and you’ll be able to link the opens and clicks to the real outcomes of your marketing campaigns – your customer spend.


Your data

As a platform for data driven marketing, Websand deals with your customer data – the information you collect everyday.  Unless you are using a platform such as Magento this is a ‘known unknown’ for us, so the set up depends on the complexity of your data.

Our objectives are as follows:

a) to simplify your data

b) to ensure you understand your data

c) to make sure the data you collect adds value to your business


Connecting to your data

Websand can work on data import or through read only connection to your existing systems and/or dbases.

Read only connection is the preferred method as this creates a data-flow and ensures that your marketing strategy is always ‘in-play’ and aligned to your customer behaviour – this is especially important for E-commerce businesses.


Currently, we connect to Magento, JShop, Podfather, and mySQL dbases.

We are currently working on an API suite to open the number of systems we connect to ‘out of the box’.


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