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Websand is a Marketing CRM platform designed to make it easy to increase your marketing performance and audience engagement through data driven marketing.   

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Introducing Websand, a data driven approach to email marketing

Websand is a marketing automation platform that allows you to create data driven marketing processes that bring your marketing strategy to life.

Use dynamic segmentation to manage your marketing audience based on their previous behaviour, and then the segments to your email templates using the marketing automation feature.

Marketing automation brings your marketing strategy to life.  Linking your email marketing to the behaviour of your audience, so the messages you send are relevant, targeted and personalised.

It’s easy to set up, unique to your business, and saves you a huge amount of time.

What about results?  At minimum expect increased in audience engagement and a deeper understanding of who your best customers really are.

All the features you need to create your best email marketing

Websand API integrations

Integrations and open API

Sending email without data is impossible.  So we’ve made Websand easy to connect to.  Import your existing subscriber and order information and then keep the data flowing through an ongoing integration.  Select from the 1000’s of business connections through our Zapier partnership or connect to our open REST API.   Need help?  Book a call and we’ll get you onboarded.

Customer insights

The Websand dashboards tell a story.  The home dashboard shows you how many customers you have, how much they are worth, and how active they are.  The audience dashboard allows you to see the marketing CRM depth of information against each individual.  The sending dashboard gives a rolling 30 day overview of your Websand marketing performance.  All the opens, clicks and attribution from your active campaigns and automations.

customer lifetime value dashboard
email marketing reporting
Websand Customer Segmentation Visual

Dynamic Segmentation

Segmentation is the key feature of Websand.  Use segmentation to manage your email audience into key groups, be that based on their profile, their spending habits or how they’ve reacted to your marketing.  Save a huge amount of time and have your customer data managed as you need it whenever you need it.

Create world class email designs

Now the really fun bit, creating your email designs.  Websand has a best in class drag and drop editor and marketers love it.  No more fiddly HTML, or time consuming image resizing.  Just import your images into the mobile optimised editor and drag them around.

Websand email editor example message
Screenshot Automation Live Screenshot

Schedule or Automate your Sending.

Send those beautifully designed marketing message to your specially selected target audience.  Send now, send later or create an automation. You decide.

Dealing with GDPR

Websand has built in a series of features to help you become and retain your GDPR compliance.  But remember, Websand acts as a data processor,so please make sure you collect your audience data responsibly.

Websand GDPR functionality sub menu

“Websand saves me a huge amount of time. I had my data imported, segmented, message designed and sent out within five minutes.”

Chloe Page, Events Manager. The Mussel Club.

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