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Marketing automation for Shopify

Turn sales into more sales

Connect your Shopify store to Websand and start sending better targeted, personalised email marketing in minutes. Drive deeper engagement, more sales and build loyalty.

Keep your customers coming back for more

Understanding your data helps you drive more sales to your Shopify store

Websand gives you all the features and insights you need to understand the behaviour of your audience. Making it easy to drive deeper engagement and revenue from your email marketing.

Your new customer metrics

Websand automatically generates key customer metrics based on the history between you and your customers.  Understand how many customers you really have, how much they are worth based on average customer lifetime value and the risk of churn.

Engage and retain your customers

Create engaging email communications to retain your high value customers and make sure those customers at risk of buying elsewhere keep coming back.

Websand customer metrics
automation for ecommerce

Dynamic customer segmentation

Create the dynamic segments you need. Build segments based on your customer profiles, marketing history, Shopify purchase history, customer lifetime value or Shopify purchase frequency over any time period.

Powerful personalised automations

Create powerful personalised automations driven by the behaviour and profile of your audience.  Use automation to create engaging welcome programmes, increase sales with effective retention communications and build loyalty with your best customers.

Easy integrations

No data – no email.  So we’ve made it easy to get that key data flowing.  Connect 1,000’s of platforms through Zapier, use our preset integrations, or connect to our simple REST API so you can easily synch your key customer data into Websand.

Rapid setup and onboarding

Our team are standing by to help you migrate your history and get your marketing moving to the next level.

Shopify email marketing integration

Why switch to Websand?

Start sending targeted, personalised email marketing in minutes

Understanding of customer behaviour
Deeper understanding of customer behaviour
more email marketing clicks with Websand
Better engagement from your email marketing
Save Time
Less time dealing with data management
Happy Customers
Better engagement driving more sales
Higher customer retention
Higher rates of customer retention
increased customer lifetime value
Increased customer lifetime value

It’s time to start getting more from your email marketing

Sign up for a free Websand demo and let’s show how you can drive more sales to your Shopify store using email marketing.