How to measure your email marketing performance

You’ve created your customer groups, your email message and made the campaign live. Now the important bit. The results, and understanding your marketing performance. In this section, we show you how to review the marketing and ROI performance of the data driven marketing campaigns you produce through Websand.  Be that as a Business Overall, by Campaign, by Individual Customer.  

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Measure your email marketing effectiveness

Websand provides a top line marketing dashboard for each of the marketing automation campaigns you create and publish through Websand.

All deliveries, opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes and spam reports are reported for each campaign you send through Websand.

Explore by the date, or export the customer data that relates to each of the marketing outcomes and create your own reports.

Alternatively, take a look at ‘Deeper Campaign Reporting’ to understand the outcomes from your marketing campaigns based on customer behaviour from the marketing messages they have received.

Measure your email marketing effectiveness as a business

The homepage graph shows the overall performance – the combined email performance of all the active campaigns (triggers and batch).


Measure your Email Marketing Effectiveness

Search by date range or review by ‘processed’, ‘open’, ‘click’ and ‘drop’

Measure your email marketing effectiveness by campaign

The Campaign page from the Websand menu allows you to create new campaigns, edit existing campaigns and review the email marketing performance of live and previously active marketing automation campaigns you’ve conducted through Websand.


Measure your Email Marketing Effectiveness

The details column in the Campaign list shows an overview of each Campaign from start to finish.

To review performance of your selected campaign, click on your selected Campaign from your Campaign list.

Clicking will take you to the Campaign report.  This report shows a graphical overview of the Email Campaign Performance.

Measure your Email Marketing Effectiveness by Campaign

Once in the Campaign Search by date range or review by ‘processed’, ‘open’, ‘click’ and ‘drop’