marketing automation for Sendgrid

Websand marketing automation for SendGrid.

Websand adds data management, customer segmentation and marketing automation to your SendGrid account.  Making it easy for you to create a powerful marketing strategy driven by the behaviour of your customers.

Connect Websand to your SendGrid account and get all the tools you need to boost your customer engagement.

Create and manage any marketing process you need.  Be that managing your lead funnel, onboarding new customers, retain existing customers or creating special benefits for those you feel really deserve the VIP treatment.

Simply sign up to Websand and provide us with your SendGrid API key.

You’ll have a superpowered data driven marketing machine for your business in no time

All the tools you need to create amazing audience engagement and superpowered marketing

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Dynamic Segmentation

Create dynamic segments and manage your audience based around their profile or behaviour.

Optimised email builder

Create stunning marketing messages to fit every inbox and device with our drag and drop editor

Easy to use Automation

Link your segments and messages together and voila, you’ve got some sophisticated data driven marketing

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Unlimited email sends

Unlimited yes, but be respectful. This ain’t no spamhaus. Fair play rules apply around here.

An Open API

Wanna link more data from your own platform, no problem.  Connect your own data sources through our flexible REST API.

Full support suite

All the help you need, when you need it.

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~ And now a word from one of our customers ~

Websand has totally transformed our email marketing.  We can easily segment our customers based on their profiles, Eventbrite data, and historical interaction meaning we can target more specific groups. The dashboard and data capabilities mean it’s simple to track the success (or failure!) of campaigns. Ultimately, the platform is easy to navigate making email creation simple – we’d be lost without it!

Lynsey Morrow, Sales & Marketing Manager. Campus North and Tech4Life

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still continue to Send using SendGrid?

Once you’ve signed up, Websand will act as your new control panel for your SendGrid account, so your SendGrid account will still be used for Send activity.   Here’s some clarity on how things fit together.

  • Your audience will be managed from Websand
  • Future email messages will be created and managed from Websand
  • Websand will also be used to created and schedule your email campaigns
  • Marketing automation campaigns will be created and scheduled from Websand
  • The email sending will be sent from your SendGrid account.
  • Your email reporting and marketing events will appear in both SendGrid (generic reporting and event activity) and in Websand (campaign reporting and against individual contacts).

What about the contacts within SendGrid?

We do not pull your existing contacts from SendGrid.  You will need to export these from SendGrid and import them into Websand.  It’s very straightforward.  Read how here.

Once imported we strongly recommend that you use our API or existing integrations to connect to your data collection points.  That way your marketing will always reflect the behaviour of your audience, and you’ll get the best results.

What about my SendGrid history?

Websand can only start to collect your SendGrid information after the two accounts are connected.  However, once your SendGrid account is connected to Websand, all of your future marketing events (delivered, opens, clicks, unsubscribes etc) are processed in Websand.

Do I need to continue with my existing SendGrid account?

No, but if you have a SendGrid account in place, we recommend that you continue with that account.

What about GDPR

A fine question, we take this stuff very seriously and we are accredited GDPR professionals. Read about our GDPR functionality, or read our GDPR blogs.

Websand data management and marketing automation for SendGrid

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