What Is Customer Segmentation And Why Is It Important In Business?

What is Customer Segmentation? Customer segmentation is the process of grouping a company’s variety of customers based on traits they have in common. The purpose of segmenting customers is to determine ways to maximize the value of each customer to the business. The process of customer segmentation allows your business to develop marketing campaigns that […]

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Email Marketing for New Customers vs Email Marketing for Existing Customers

Which works better? Email Marketing for New Customers or Email Marketing for Existing Customers If you operate a small e-commerce business, you might be scratching your head. Is it better to use email marketing for existing customers or to target and convert new subscribers?  It’s a dilemma that practically all brands face at some point. […]

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Email marketing trends in 2021 to boost conversion rates

Email marketing trends in 2021 is a guest post from our friend Ermelinda Maglione at content specialists, Venngage. Email marketing trends in 2021 to boost conversion rates If there is something that never changes about the digital world, it is constantly changing and evolving. In 2020 we saw many things occur because of the pandemic, […]

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Why Email Marketing Works Well For Customer Retention

Most businesses are familiar with the idea of email marketing for new customers. But relatively few also understand the full benefits of targeting existing customers.  Being successful at email marketing requires you to do both. Developing a process of drip-feeding relevant email marketing content to their inbox is essential for customer retention.  In this post, […]

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The 3 automated marketing messages you need to be sending

Getting started from batch to automated marketing messages Moving from one off ‘traditional’ email marketing to creating automated marketing messages can be a daunting task.  The first question, usually being where I you start?  We work with many marketing experts across an increasingly varied range of businesses, but all have a similar issue.  They want to […]