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Last Friday we registered for #pitch10, as a result on Tuesday we ended up in the Tsunami of noise that followed as a result of the now infamous email to all entrants that didn’t make it.

My email inbox was flooded with noise at the rate of around 100 emails per hour for the remainder of the day. We were catapulted into a new community of 600. The majority of which were excited start-ups and entrepreneurs who immediately took to ‘that’ email to pitch their wares.

It was an opportunity, we grabbed it too. Who knows perhaps we will be helping No10 with future email marketing strategies?

Overall, some decent things have come out from this experience, we are now in a few more ‘founder’ groups, we will increase our network as a result and we are busy sifting through the noise to identify potential leads.

However, the email excitement became a rolling SPAM attack and the subject line soon became an email that would be avoided. I have one email from someone begging for everyone else to STOP. Very few people changed behaviour as a result as everyone was using the email rather than reading anything.

It was another lesson in the importance of relevance when applying email communication.

When using email marketing, consider the relevance of the message to the audience. You will have created the message of the email with someone in mind. So make sure you manage your customer data before you hit the send button. You will find your results will improve…quickly.

If you don’t have the tools, we can provide them so get in touch.

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