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Boyhood film of the year and an important lesson

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Boyhood is being raved about as the film of the year. It’s got a load of five star reviews, 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and will be a contender at the Oscars. Now that it’s been labelled as a great thing, it has social proof. People will go and see it.

I haven’t seen it (yet), so at the moment for me, the most compelling thing about Boyhood is how it was made.

It was made over 39 days, however these days were spread out across 13 years. So the Actors are growing with the story, and met over 39 days across 13 years. From what I read the script evolved through the 39 days of shooting, I guess that is the only way they could do it?

It’s usually the little things that make significant differences, I’d imagine that will be the underlying message of ‘Boyhood’.

In our business, Websand, we provide a marketing platform that allows users to find and label the key touch points between them and their customers. Then use these defined points in time to communicate marketing messages to strengthen the customer relationship.

Have a think about which ‘moments’ you could influence customer behaviour, set a measure of success and give it a try. Let me know how you get on.

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