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Email Marketing for Boutique Hotels

Helping hotels increase sales through data driven email marketing and marketing automation.

As somebody who likes to work smart, you’ll know the future of email marketing is in personalisation and being data-driven. It’s very much apparent that with the big changes coming this week in the general data protection laws, data-driven marketing will be essential if you want to stand any chance of garnering loyalty from your customers or hotel guests.

Identifying who your most valuable customers are, retaining their business and finding more of them isn’t easy. It’s a process a lot of businesses want to implement but simply don’t know where to start or how to put into action. Sales teams often have a sales process, as do Finance and HR departments, but where marketing is concerned, not everyone knows how to put marketing-as-a-process in to play?

So, why aren’t all hoteliers embracing data driven email marketing?  Good question. And really, it comes down to two pretty major obstacles.

• Firstly, marketing automation platforms know you want them – and will charge you the earth.

• Secondly, you’ll have to transfer all your customer data to their system; which means for any business to enjoy marketing automation, you basically have to hand over your wallet and exchange it for a potentially huge headache!

Which is why so many choose to put it off…

That is until NOW

Data Driven Email Marketing Automation – The Websand Way

Over the past few years, we’ve been helping an increasing number of boutique, privately owned hotels move across from some of the mainstream email service providers, for example, Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor.

To date, we haven’t come across a single customer who hasn’t had significantly better results from their email campaigns by choosing to go data-driven with their email marketing.

Websand customers can keep their existing legacy systems, e.g. Res Lynx / Guestline / CRM, Web Analytics, whatever it is you’re using.

We simply connect to your data (API or CSV) and mirror only the data you need from a marketing perspective; arming you with the perfect tools to truly engage with your customers and blow your previous email marketing targets out of the water.

• No more drowning in spreadsheets to understand what is going on. We remove the hassle and headaches associated with data handling

• Ease of set-up and streamlining of your processes

• No movement of data, we simply mirror the data that’s required from a marketing perspective

Double your email open rates through simple, dynamic, marketing segmentation

• Minimum of 15-20% increase in customer lifetime value from your existing customer database

All of the above are key benefits to your hotel when choosing Websand. Importantly, you can test and trial the benefits without making a single change to the way you work.  Now that’s what we like to call, great user experience.

If you’d like to see Websand in action and discuss how we could help?

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Manage the marketing you send to your guests with Customer Segmentation

Your customer data is automatically managed in real time via our segmentation tool, so it’s dynamic and it simply flows in accordance with the frequency and the rules you set.

Using Websand it’s easy to create customer groups based on their profile, purchase history, lifetime value, time since last booking, or around the activity of previous marketing campaigns (clicks/opens).

Websand Segmentation Planning Overview

If you collect data, Websand gives you the power to segment it and create targeted marketing to that audience.

We aren’t just restricted to your booking data, we can combine other data from other Apps/CRMs/legacy systems as we’re integrated with Zapier so there’s zero developer/integration costs to pass on.

Go Freestyle, which simply means you can collect other relevant data that’s bespoke to your hotel.

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Putting your Marketing ‘in-play’

Put your marketing strategy ‘in play’ by making your marketing a live process.

Move away from managing email lists and create dynamic marketing segments around the behaviour of your customers.
Why Websand instead of Mailchimp

Websand provides you with the tools to send marketing messages that are personalised, relevant, targeted and most importantly, sent at the right time.

On average we increase marketing performance by over 25%.

Email marketing performance

To book a brief phone chat or a 10 minute online demo, practice your clicking skills and click on the following link:

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Marketing that drives customer engagement

On average Websand users are recording response rates 100% higher than industry averages.

What’s more, we’ve had GDPR best practice baked into our platform since 2014.

Helping you follow best practice at all times and making it easy for you to measure the real outcomes of your marketing activity.

Building loyalty with your customers and helping you become a smarter more strategic business through clever and highly relevant communication.

To book a brief phone chat or a 10 minute online demo, practice your clicking skills and click on the following link:

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It’s time to start getting more from your email marketing

Sign up for a free Websand demo and let’s show you how to get the best from your email marketing.