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How to sell out every event using Eventbrite segmentation

Eventbrite segmentation in Websand allows you to organise your attendees based on the events they’ve signed up for, with only a few clicks.

In this post, we explain how eventbrite segmentation works and how you can improve your email marketing AND save a huge amount of time and frustration by connecting your Eventbrite account to Websand.

How to set up Eventbrite segmentation in Websand

If you’ve been to a live event in the past few years, chances are, you booked through Eventbrite. They offer a simple booking system and it’s easy to manage events.

80% of marketers think live events are crucial to the success of their brand. There’s nothing like getting your company in front of customers or users in person. At that point, you stop being a name on a screen and become human.

And people like dealing with other people. It explains why 50% of marketers hold events to build a community. True, they also hold them for lead generation and sales. But holding live events is the best way to become a people-centric business.

Look at events held by WordPress developers to share best practice or updates.

Kristen Thompson of is a fan of holding workshop events. They’re designed to encourage attendees to sign up for coaching or online courses.

North East based collective Epic hold their Tyne Bar Tuesday events every month, and Campus North run regular tech-focused events and both form a networking opportunity for creatives in the digital local community.

Whatever you use them for, live events are a good way to expand your outreach. You don’t have to rely on social media advertising.

The easiest way to get the word out about your event is to use Eventbrite. It simplifies the process, tracks RSVPs and keeps the event information in one place. Unlike Facebook Events, it also lets you capture the email address of attendees.

Best of all, you can use it to segment your list. Doing so increases the chances of sending the right message to the right person at the right time. Which boosts your chances of making a sale.

So let’s look at using Eventbrite with Websand.

Setting up your first Eventbrite segment with Websand

If you’re not the techy type, using two platforms together can look intimidating. But like we showed with Zapier, you can use our built-in integration and avoid doing any coding.

With the Eventbrite Websand integration you don’t need to deal with the painful task of exporting and importing your attendee information to manage your email marketing audience.

Hook your Eventbrite account into your Websand account within the dashboard. The integration syncs all the data for you. No more spending time exporting and importing data!

We’ve got a full ‘how-to’ article here for integrating the two accounts. The event data from Eventbrite populates the Websand Transaction data panel. This is why data is so important to your email marketing.

eventbrite email marketing integration
Connect Websand to Eventbrite in a few clicks.

From there, you can start your eventbrite segmentation and segment your list using the Eventbrite data.

One Websand customer has told us they save upto 3 DAYS a week compared to their previous processes using Excel, Eventbrite exports and Mailchimp.

And finally, an important note. Websand segmentation is dynamic so once you’ve set up the segment you need for your Events, when someone signups and meets the criteria of that segment, they’ll be added.

You’ve got a few options, so let’s look at your eventbrite segmentation options in a little more detail.

Create a product segment to group subscribers by ‘event’

Did a guest speaker promise to send their slides to attendees of a talk? No problem. Set up a ‘product’ segment and use a specific event as a subject. It’ll pull those attendees into one segment. Then send them the promised resources.

eventbrite email marketing segmentation websand
Using Websand product segmentation to create segments based on Eventbrite attendees

You could also use this kind of segment to send out a Typeform survey to get attendee feedback. Or send attendees a product discount for your online store. That’s easy to do with this type of segmentation.

80% of attendees find live events help them make purchasing decisions. 98% of attendees are more inclined to buy after an event. Using this kind of segment helps you capitalise on that ‘good feeling’ towards your brand.

Use ‘Repeat’ to group attendees by how many events they’ve attended

We’ve talked about the Pareto principle at length. You know the one; 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers. Those customers in that 20% are your loyal buyers, your fans, your tribe. The same goes for your events.

The people who attend lots of your events are interested in the events you hold. Or they’re interested in you. 66% of attendees track the event online by posting photos or videos. That’s a lot of exposure you wouldn’t get without events.

Set up segments according to how many events people attend. Think up a way to reward the repeat attendees. Make them a VIP and give them ‘influencer’ privileges. You might tie it into your company’s loyalty program.

Reward them if they bring a brand new person to each event. Whatever you do, make sure you reward those repeat attendees. You might also direct Typeform surveys to them. They’re interested in what you offer and can give much better insights.

This segmentation also gives good insights into the events your customers enjoy. Do you get plenty of attendees at a networking event if there’s a wine tasting involved? But numbers are low if you have a guest speaker instead? You know what event to hold next then!

Use ‘Retention’ for people who haven’t been in a while

Not all attendees will attend every event you hold. Other commitments get in the way. But if you’ve got subscribers who attended three or four events and haven’t been in a few months? Time to woo them back before the warm lead goes cold.

Send them something to encourage them to attend the next event. Even sending a Typeform survey about what they’d like to attend is a good way to remind them you exist.

eventbrite email marketing

It’s easier to keep customers who already know you than it is to earn new ones. There’s a barrier between customers learning who you are and them taking action. With existing customers, you’ve already gotten over that barrier. It’s worth putting in the effort to win them back.

Or set up your own based on criteria relevant to you using our segment wizard.

Who knows what you want to work out? But we’ve got you covered with the our segmentation wizard.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Choose a Segment type. People or Transactions.

Set your criteria, either the type of person or business they represent within your audience, or the event that they’ve attended.

You then have the option to set a time frame for the segment – when did they sign up or last attend an event.

Give it a name and specify your segment criteria.

Hit Create! That’s it.

Then it’s onto setting up your emails.

Send automated emails before the event to help generate a buzz.

And send emails after the event to stay in touch with attendees.

Connect Eventbrite to Websand to make it easy to stay in touch with your tribe

Here at Websand, we’re all about people-centric business. Marketing is getting your solution into the hands of people with a problem. Eventbrite makes that easier to do with live events through its familiar interface. Why not hook yours up to Websand to boost your email marketing?

And if you’re worried about GDPR, don’t be. We’re here to walk you through that too. Why not get in touch and see what we can do for you?

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