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5 email marketing themes to drive success

5 email marketing themes to drive success

Using email marketing themes is a great idea to help plan out your email marketing calendar. Making sure your email marketing is in synch with your business plans, and helping you plan for deeper engagement and growth.

Your three email marketing calendars

Unlike other marketing channels, in email marketing you can have several marketing plans in operation at the same time. Consider these three different marketing calendars.

The first calendar in use is your welcome email program

The second is your customer email program

And the third is scheduled email marketing related to your more ‘traditional’ marketing calendar.

Behaviour driven email marketing

The first two email marketing calendars are related to the behaviour of your audience. These are processes that you set up and react as your audience move through the prospect or customer journey. So in these can be considered them as calendars as they are time driven processes.

Calendar driven email marketing

Your marketing calendar is where email marketing fits into your overall marketing plan for a given period.  So for example when you are launching a new product how you are going to handle marketing events such as Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or any other event that’s relevant to the product or service you sell.

This post is all about how you can maximise the performance from your marketing calendar using email themes.

Selecting the best themes for your email marketing campaigns

Listed below are five email marketing themes, and potential audiences for each email marketing theme to help you plan your email marketing calendar.

Obviously in practice the application of these email marketing themes depends on your business, stock levels and your ideal customers. However, we’ve found the majority of the email marketing themes suggested below to be incredibly effective, irrespective of the circumstances.

New In

It sounds obvious, and it is obvious, but not a lot of marketers appreciate the power of letting your audience know that you have some shiny new products that they need to know about.

Yes, it might be shouted about across social media and all over your website. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that your email subscribers know about it, and email marketing should be considered to be YOUR direct marketing channel.

When you have a new product range or new service to offer, make sure you let people know about it.

With new offerings, you have another opportunity that you might not have considered. Why not give a preview of first look to your VIP customers or your email subscribers?

Obviously it depends on the offering, but that can be a really powerful targeted email marketing campaign.

Back in Stock

Similar to the ‘new in’ theme. But if you are selling product and you sell out, you can use that to your advantage when it’s back in stock.

Again, let people know. But make sure they know that it’s back in stock, and try to drive some urgency in your email copy.

For example, why not highlight that this item is really popular. Let people know we’ve sold out before so make sure you get in quick.

Depending upon what is back in stock, you might have already offered an ‘alert’ to people that want to know when that item is available again.

Email Exclusive Bundles

These can work wonders. Create a bundle of products and package them together as an exclusive bundle for your email audience.

If it works for you – You could make this a series – a monthly or even weekly special?

It’s a great way to sell excess stock in an attractive way, and can really drive brand value and engagement with your audience.

A recent email exclusive bundle from a Websand client not only drove sales and engagement. It also resulted in their customers sending them messages of thanks for sending them the offer.

The Flash Sale

The biggest retail weekend of the year is a flash sale – cyber weekend. But you could create your own Flash sale at anytime. And when you do decide to do that, make sure your email marketing audience get the first look.

You might be thinking of course I’d send that to my email audience.

However, it’s often overlooked. Remember whenever you can add value to your audience gives them a reason to subscribe and remain engaged.

Join our club

When a new prospect or new customer decides to signup to receive email marketing from your business, they are really joining your marketing club.

Why not make that a thing?

Let them know the benefits of signing up for marketing messages rather than just being part of an email list.

This is a classic email marketing theme, and gives a compelling reason for people to signup.

Get started with email marketing themes

Hope you find this post useful.

If you need some help to apply email marketing themes to your email marketing plans, we are here to help you put your plans into action.

Sign up for demo and let’s talk.

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