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Become a Customer Centric Marketer

Become a customer centric marketer

Become a customer centric marketer

A customer centric marketer will build their marketing strategy around the behaviour of their customers. They understand the customer data they collect, and they understand the value of each customer.

Some marketing will be brand building and generic, but the majority of activity from a customer centric marketer will be targeted.

Targeted based on data they hold on each individual to date.  Be that profile information, a history of how they have reacted to previous marketing, or spend behaviour.  Perhaps even a mixture of all three.

A customer centric marketer is focused on delivering growth to their business through relevant communication to their audience.  They work hard to send messages that people will like.

A client of ours described this as ‘playing their data like an organ’.

And like and organ, it can be difficult to learn.  But once you do, you can play a cracking tune, and your results will go through the roof.

What is Customer Centric Marketing

Customer Centric Marketing puts the customer at the centre of your marketing activity.

Rather than your marketing strategy being based around the ‘needs’ of the business.  A customer centric marketing strategy takes the objectives for the business and builds a marketing strategy around the behaviour and profile of your customers.

Using the customer data you collect as the basis for creating relevant, targeted, and valuable customer experiences.

Its a win-win.

Your business objectives are aligned with known customer needs. As a result, your marketing is more relevant and your customers are more engaged.

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Why segmentation is important

Your customers will share similar preferences, or buy similar things. Grouping customers together based on their known preferences or purchase history makes it easier for you to identify opportunities or issue more relevant communications.

Everyone is different, personalised marketing is more than addressing someone by name, it is about addressing your customers by relevance.

Segmentation helps you to identify groups of customers by shared relevance.

And Websand allows you to segment based on ANY data that you collect about your customers.

Profile – who they are

Spend activity – what they have bought, how much they are worth

Marketing history – which marketing campaigns or messages they have received and how they have reacted to those messages.

Putting Customer Centric Marketing in practice

Customer Centric Marketing puts the customer at the centre of your marketing activity.

Websand takes allows you to create customer segments based on rules specific to your business.

As your customer information is updated, your customers or contacts will be ‘automatically’ segmented based on their behaviour.

The segmentation is dynamic so as the relationship with your customer changes – for the positive or the negative, the segment you’ve created will manage the your audience.

If you have any marketing automation campaigns in place against that segment, your marketing will be triggered accordingly.   So your marketing becomes customer centric – as it reacts to the behaviour of your customers

Customer segmentation in practice

The most visible examples of customer segmentation in practice are applied by Airline and Hotel loyalty programmes.  These customers , where customers are rewarded based on the amount of money they have spent.

Special benefits are provided to Silver cardholders and really special benefits to their Gold cardholders. Gold customers will have spent a lot of money with the relevant Airline or Hotel.  So they will get special treatment when they show off their Gold card.  The customer knows it and more importantly so do the staff.

Applying segmentation to your business.

The Websand dashboard (see below) set up will help to identify key customer groups within your business and how understanding the behaviour of these groups can help you to develop your business further.

  • Identify lapsed customers
  • Target your Prospects based on specific profiles
  • Spot and reward your most profitable customers as VIPs
  • Launch new products or services to customers who have already bought relevant products or services from you.
customer lifetime value dashboard

Websand takes care of all of these groups for you.  Dynamically managed and based on your data and your customer.  Giving you a real time understanding of the customer value within your business.  Saving you a huge amount of time, and giving you the tools you need to become a customer centric marketer.

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