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The Tao of Websand

The Tao of Websand

We’ve been inspired by the work of Simon Sinek lately. As a result, we’ve been exploring ‘The Golden Circle’ and looking for the reason of our existence. Our Why.

So here it is….

We believe the focus of your marketing should be to create Clever Communication. That is to send the right message to the right person at the right person for the right result.

We think this qualifies as our why.

Why? Because it is what we want every client to achieve through using Websand. If you don’t believe it qualifies as a why, we’d appreciate any feedback.

Without meaning to sound spiritual, as part of the process of finding our ‘why’ we ended up with a list of beliefs and experiences, all of which are related back to achieving ‘Clever Communication’.

The list of 16 is featured below

  1. We believe that email marketing can be easier to apply
  2. We believe in a customer centric approach to marketing.
  3. We believe that businesses want to get closer to their customers but find it difficult to target marketing to them on a one to one level.
  4. We believe in data driven marketing.
  5. We believe that understanding your customer data unlocks missed opportunities.
  6. We understand that customer segmentation is not list management
  7. We believe the data in your business can be joined together to make your business decisions easier
  8. We believe in old school direct marketing measurement, delivered, responded, sold!
  9. We believe open and click are important but not as important as a sale.
  10. We believe that measuring marketing ROI shouldn’t be rocket science.
  11. We believe effective marketing can only occur when you are able to link your marketing messages to your customer behaviour.
  12. We understand that increased sales, does not mean find me new customers. It’s much easier and cheaper from your existing customers
  13. We believe that understanding your existing customers can make finding new and profitable customers easier.
  14. We understand that things change and your business needs to change with it.
  15. We believe that software should add measurable value to your business.
  16. We believe Websand makes for a smarter more agile business.

If you share our beliefs and think we can help you with your email marketing then please get in touch and we will explain how Websand will make your email marketing more efficient.

Founder of Websand

P.S. 16 is a long list, but building a marketing automation platform is complicated.

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