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8 Super Bowl business lessons

8 Super Bowl business lessons

It’s Super Bowl weekend, and it is becoming more and more popular here in the UK. So to celebrate, here are some suggested Business lessons to consider whilst watching the Super Bowl.

1 Gridiron is the ultimate ‘lean start up’ sport

Three attempts to get at least ten yards down the field. If you don’t make it – have a punt and start again.

2 Hit your recievers

Think of your email marketing like this. You are the quarterback, your receivers are your customers, the ball is your message. You decide which customer is going to receive which message. When you get the right message to the right customer. TOUCHDOWN! You’ve sent the right message to the right person at the right time, and got a right result!

3 Get some clarity amongst the chaos

The game of American football can look like absolute chaos. People running all over the place and smashing into each other. But despite this it’s easy to see what is working and what isn’t. The ball either moves down field or it doesn’t. Figure out what your key measurement should be for your business. Then you’ll have a better focus of what is working and what is not.

4 Learn from the ‘best in class’ advertising – lots of it

The Super Bowl is ‘the’ most coverted advertising slot of the year. Expect to see the best, funniest and most controversial ads of the year. So study these adverts closely, you might find some great ideas that you can use in the future. It’s so big that the fact that a brand even has an advert during the Super Bowl is now a news story in itself.

5 The culture in the locker room

If you watch the coverage you will hear this phrase a lot. It’s all about the team, everyone has their own unique role but they are all pulling together for a single objective.

6 Watch the quarterback

He’s the leader on the field who sets the tone and makes the strategy happen. Who does that in your business.

7 Coaching

The position of coach is a hugely respected one both on and off the field. It’s the coach who sets the strategy for the game, directing his huge support team and the players themselves. It can be like a big game of chess and it’s always changing based on events on the field. Listen closely to the commentators and see how each coach tries to react to the plan of the other team.

8 Take advantage of the global ‘audience’

You’re reading this aren’t you? Make your own Super Bowl advert.

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