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Use the right tools to solve your marketing headaches

get the right tools for the job and solve your marketing headaches

Solve your marketing headaches

Finding the right tools for your business can be tough.  It’s really easy to invest in the wrong tool, especially when it comes to making software decisions.

You need to think through the problem from the user and customer perspective before you take the jump, otherwise you’ll be taking a leap of faith.

If you’ve got the wrong tool for the job, that’s why you endure the majority of the problems you face everyday, especially when it comes to customer data.

So why not get the right tool for the job and solve your marketing headaches once and for all.

How to use the right tools to solve your marketing headaches

You’ve had a long day. Your to-do list lies abandoned and unloved in your top drawer. And you realise you need to find a new way to engage your customers because quite frankly?

A regular newsletter just isn’t cutting it any more.

You don’t have time to investigate new solutions. So you hack a few existing tools together to come up with something, anything, that might work.

You don’t need to be Macguyver any more.  You can stop trying to hammer in a nail with a fish.


All you need is the right tools.

Let me tell you a story.

For many years, a college ran parents evening events to give parents the chance to speak to tutors in person. They could ask questions, find out how their child was doing, and generally see the place where their child spent much of their time.

You’ve no doubt been to a parents evening – or you can remember yours.

On one occasion, a teacher ran ragged because a lot of parents all arrived at the same time.

She tried to see them in the order they’d arrived, but many of them had to wait for upwards of 40 minutes to speak to her.

No one had expected so many parents to turn up at all, let alone all at 5 pm.

So the next time a parents evening rolled around, the teacher did something different.

She split the available appointments over three days and set up individual events within Eventbrite for each day.

The parents could choose a specific slot on a specific day. At least that way, she knew who was coming and when they were due.

But there was a problem. Parents had to visit the web link for the events, and then they had to either sign up for Eventbrite, or remember their login, to make an appointment.

Many parents simply called the teacher to book one over the phone. While the appointment system made the parents evening much more manageable, it took a lot of time to organise it.

She could have just used Calendly and put the simple web link in a letter that was mailed to parents. All they’d need to do is visit the link, choose a date and time, and enter their name and email address.


What’s the moral of this story?

Use the right tools for the problem – not just the ones you have to hand.

Eventbrite in itself is a fantastic tool. It’s an excellent way to manage the admin side of an event.

You can view RSVPs, provide information on the event upfront, and if your event is free, then so is Eventbrite.

But to manage individual appointments for a college parents evening? No.

You’re not looking to manage that kind of scenario though.

You’re looking for a system to handle an event you want to put on.

Maybe it’s a tour of your hotel for its grand reopening. Perhaps it’s a special wine tasting session at your store to celebrate its birthday.

Or maybe you’d like to offer some kind of educational sessions to give something back to your customers.

Eventbrite is the ideal choice. But what’s even better is you can now connect it to your Websand account.

Simply click on Account Settings in your Websand dashboard.

From there, select Actions, click on the Eventbrite Integration bar. It’ll ask you to sign in to your Eventbrite account to confirm, but then you’re done.

And now you have a new source of data.

Websand is all about data-driven marketing. Primarily because the power of your list lies in the data, not the number of subscribers you have.

Yes, I know, that sounds heretical, but bear with me.

If you have 10,000 subscribers, that sounds amazing, doesn’t it?  But who are they?  How did they get onto your list?  Have they bought anything?  Do they even open your emails?

If you don’t know the answer to those questions, then it’s not clear why you even have a list.

But if you do know the answer, then you can get to know your customers. They’ll be repeat buyers, not just numbers on a spreadsheet.

A lot of the current marketing ‘advice’ revolves around acquiring new subscribers. But a report by Lee Resources found that it costs 5x as much to attract a new customer as it does to keep an existing one.

And the probability of selling to an existing customer is 50 – 70%. The probability of selling to a new prospect is more like 5-20%. So why throw all of your efforts at attaining those new subscribers when it’s your existing customers that spend the money?

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How do you make it more likely you can sell to an existing customer?

You get to know their buying habits.  And you use your data.

This is where the Eventbrite integration comes in. So you run your event. And it’s a success. Well of course it is – you organised it. But what do you do afterwards? Do you thank the attendees? Offer them some kind of discount?

You can create a new segment in your list using the data from your Eventbrite account. Our platform does the heavy lifting so you don’t need to manually copy and paste a list of email addresses.

Then you can send them your thank you, your freebie, or your discount code. You can rest easy, knowing you’ve kept in touch with the people who gave up their time to come to your event.

Because they’re the people who are going to buy from you again.

They’ve already invested in you. And they’re more likely to do it again because you’ve given them something in return.

Remember 80% of your business will come from 20% of your list. So give that 20% a reason to keep buying from you.

If this sounds like a fantastic opportunity for your business, then sign up for our beta today. Then start planning your next event.

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