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No Email Day 2016

No Email Day

It’s no email day on the 6th June.  A ‘thing’ that began a few years back by Paul Lancaster, and something that Paul and I discussed on his recent ‘SuperConnector’ show.

Now, it might seem odd that a marketing automation business would write a blog post about sending no email, but since the focus of Websand is for email to be more effective, we encourage the sending of less email – rather than more email.  If a day with no email helps make the world a better place, or even if it allows marketers a little more thinking time – time to be strategic, creative, innovative.  Then we are all for it.

So on the 6th June.  Try a day without email, and let us know how you get on.

You could also take the time to watch or listen to our appearance on the SuperConnector show, to find out more about the history of No Email Day and Websand itself.


Footnote: I think a day without social media would be far more interesting experiment.  Imagine if the world avoided a specific social channel for a day.  I think that would have a bigger social impact (and make the world a better place).

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