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Is Santa the best direct marketer ever?

santa is the best direct marketer ever

Santa is an awesome direct and data-driven marketer.

Santa is the best direct marketer ever.  Yes, he’s a bit old skool, but he’s got a tried and tested process.  Monitor behaviour, segment based on goodness, deliver greatness once a year.

If you are going to be the best, then it’s a good idea to learn from the best.

So, here is why Santa is awesome at marketing, and perhaps the best direct marketer ever.

He collects customer information and feedback through customer supplied ‘Christmas Lists’ provided to him either directly or through his comprehensive affiliate marketing network (i.e. Parents).

He understands and manages ‘customer behaviour’ and has his customer segments managed into his Good and Naughty lists.

For those on the Good list – he manages their information so that the gifts he delivers on Christmas Eve are always personalised, relevant, and (mostly) wanted.

If you are on the Bad list, then you’ll probably be scored based on how bad you’ve been and your presents will be downgraded accordingly.

As for customer satisfaction, it’s impossible to be 100% right all of the time (even Santa).  However, everyone is happy to see him and I don’t think Santa has much of a problem with unwanted deliveries, or unsubscribes.

One thing is for certain, customer loyalty is pretty much guaranteed for Santa Inc!


I wish it could be Christmas everyday

Of course, everyone plays Santa at sometime in their life, but you could be like Santa everyday.  Look to create your own ‘good’ and ‘naughty’ lists through customer segmentation.  Use this to focus on the good things and downgrade the bad.

If you are in retail – then it could be that you are already a bit like Santa, with Christmas being a seasonal marketing peak and the most important time of the year.  In your case, Peak trading time.  Lots of sales from both new and existing customers.

Nurture new customers and look to build deeper relationships with your existing customers that really value what you offer.

Do this and your customer satisfaction will increase and your unwanted deliveries will reduce.

Get that right and then things could be just like the song ‘I wish it could be Christmas everyday’.   How great would that be.

Whether you are reading this over the holidays or you’ve come across this blog post by accident, I’d encourage you to be more Santa – but try to be Santa for life not just for Christmas.

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