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Increase your email marketing success through happiness

increase your email marketing success through happiness

The search for marketing happiness.

Increasing your email marketing performance will make you happy.  And the fact that people have responded positively (by opening) and financially (by spending money with you) means that they are happy too.  

The happiness equation

Last week I came across a podcast which featured the author of a book called ‘The Happiness Equation’.  Neil Pasricha is his name and he’s been researching what makes people happy.

It turns out that happiness is usually considered to be a destination, a goal that people aim towards.  But if you are starting from misery then you are going to have quite a hard time reaching that goal.

Hunting for happiness through marketing success.

One of the benefits of email marketing is that it’s designed for a specific and measurable outcome.  And since we marketers tend to be happy positive optimistic people – the marketing outcome you are seek from your digital marketing campaigns are usually related to happiness.  

  • Open = success!
  • Click = success! 
  • Positive review = a happy customer, a happy business
  • Sales from your targeted coupon code = a double whammy.  A happy customer (because they’ve got a great deal).  A happy marketer and a happy business (a) the campaign worked, b) more sales recorded and c) the sales are directly measurable to the Marketing activity!!)

Don’t worry, be happy.

According to the research from Neil Pasricha, if you start from happiness you are more likely to be happy 🙂 

In marketing terms than means focusing from the positive.

Data has for sometime been regarded as the new oil but data like oil needs to be refined.

We’ve noticed from our users that when you focus on your customer data, you’ll increase your email marketing success.

Typically when our users start using customer segmentation their results increase by at least +30%, and sometimes much much higher.  

So if you focus on the positive outcomes within your data you will increase your email marketing success.

  • Focus on those who have responded rather than those who have not.  
  • Focus on the people that are new to the business.
  • Focus on the people that spend with you regularly.
  • Focus on the people that spend with most with you.

What’s even better is when you focus on these positive areas within your data, as well as recording an increase your email marketing success, you’ll also find that you business will start to attract more positive (happy) customers in the future.

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