How to create a killer lead generation programme

Lessons from Love Island – How to create a killer lead generation programme

Lead generation programmes should be a key part of your marketing toolkit. It’s the next step on from your acquisition process. You’ve spent all that hard cash on social ads and PPC, coupled with blood, sweat and tears on social media to get people to show some real interest and share their email address. You now need something to make sure you get the maximum return from those people, that’s where Lead Generation programmes come in. Giving your business a process that to maximise the number of people that signs up to a paying customer.

How good is your ‘lead conversion’ game

Okay I’ll admit it I watch Love Island. It’s a fascinating study in human psychology.  An engaging story about how people attempt to build and nurture ongoing relationships in a pressurised closed environment. Or maybe it’s just Trash TV.

Whichever it is, one thing is abundantly clear. The people that don’t have a solid ‘lead generation programme’ or ‘game’ going on, are the ones that fail. That’s important, as that also true in the business world.

According to research by Hubspot, the most successful teams use a formal lead generation process to organise and store leads.  To be more precise, they found that 46% use Google Docs, 41% use marketing automation software (such as Websand), and 37% use CRM software. (Subtle hint: Websand connects with 1,000’s of different software providers including Google Drive and leading CRM software).

So if you don’t have a fixed process to support your lead generation strategy, you need to seriously think about getting one.

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“Where is your head at right now?” aka understanding where you stand?

“Where’s your head at right now” is a key question asked in the love island villa. If you’re a Digital marketer a key part of your job is “grafting”. Looking to develop and nurture relationships with people that have demonstrated interested in to your product or service.

Once you’ve got that initial interest how do you know where each person’s “head is right now” or how that relationship is developing. That’s really difficult as so many other external factors are involved.

However, if you are using email marketing, it’s a great way to find out where you stand with that relationship.

No need to “grab a quick chat” with your target audience. If you are using email marketing you can understand if they’re interested by how they have reacted to your marketing communications. Namely do they open? Have they clicked? On the email marketing communication you’ve send to them.

You can use this information as part of a lead generation programme. Sending the next message to develop your relationship with your target audience based on their reaction to the previous message.

Plan your lead generation programme so your communications are sent in the context of their interest. If they haven’t opened or clicked perhaps you should back off a little. If they are keen and have opened then follow up and develop that relationship.

Grafting through a lead generation programme

A lead generation programme will do your “grafting” for you. Using the data you’ve collected to send the targeted communications at the right time. And developing the relationship between your business and your prospects based on their behaviour.

Of course if you couple up and that prospect becomes a customer then you’ve taken the relationship to the next level and that opens up the next stage of your communications. But that’s a story for another post.

How to create a lead generation programme

If you are selling online you’ll already have the foundations in place with a ‘signup’ box.  A mistake a lot of businesses make is thinking that a single welcome message and a newsletter does the job for converting interest into paying customers.

That process can work, but it’s often discount driven which sets the wrong behaviour. . It’s not a repeatable process, that’s often why a typical marketing database is made up of 80% prospects and 20% customers.  They don’t have a lead generation programme focused on maximising the conversion of each prospect into a customer.

Phew, that sounds like hard work.  Luckily, using Websand it’s easy to create a lead generation programme.

It takes just four steps.

1) Connect to your website or CRM

2) Design your message,

3) Create your segment.

And 4). Create an automation to connect the segment to the message.

And that’s it.

Your lead generation programme is in place. Ready and waiting to nurture your audience and do your “grafting” on your behalf.

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So “where’s your head at?” in relation to creating a lead generation programme to grow your business. Would love to “grab a chat” and talk you through how we could help.

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