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Building your data driven email marketing plan

Data Driven Email Marketing Plan

Creating your data driven email marketing plan.

Email marketing is a data driven exercise.  If you don’t understand your data, it’s pretty likely that you aren’t getting the best from your email marketing.  That’s one of the reasons, we built Websand.  It gives you the tools to understand and manage your data, so you can get the best results possible from your email marketing.

However, like most business activities, you’ll get better results when you have defined objectives and a plan.  That can be tricky, as you need a place to start.

A guide to building your data driven email marketing plan

So we’ve created a video that explains the key things you need to consider when developing your data driven email marketing plan.

customer data driven marketing
The typical data you collect about your customers

In this guide, we talk about the importance of creating a plan for your email marketing. Building a data plan so you can get the most from the data you collect. How you can improve the results from your existing email marketing and also some tips to deal with issues around consent.

Need help getting started or to take things to the next level?

Consider the video a starting point.  If you have any questions on your data driven email marketing plan, we’d be happy to help, simply get in touch or schedule a chat on the calendar below

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