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Email Marketing and Marketing Automation for Eventbrite

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Transform your Event Marketing with Websand

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Create event based automation and sellout every event.

No more exporting or importing your event data from Eventbrite to your email marketing platform.  Websand links to your Eventbrite account, syncing all that lovely Eventbrite data and making it instantly accessible for your email marketing or marketing automation campaigns.

No coding required.  Simply signup to your Eventbrite account through Websand and your Eventbrite data will begin to flow

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All the tools you need to create amazing audience engagement from your Eventbrite data

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Dynamic Segmentation

Create dynamic segments and manage your audience based around their profile or behaviour.

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Optimised email builder

Create stunning marketing messages to fit every inbox and device with our drag and drop editor

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Easy to use Automation

Link your segments and messages together and voila, you’ve got some sophisticated data driven marketing

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Unlimited email sends

Unlimited yes, but be respectful. This ain’t no spamhaus. Fair play rules apply around here.

An Open API

Wanna link more data from your own platform, no problem.  Connect your own data sources through our flexible REST API.

Full support suite

All the help you need, when you need it.

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~ A now a word from one of our customers ~

Websand has totally transformed our email marketing.  We can easily segment our customers based on their profiles, Eventbrite data, and historical interaction meaning we can target more specific groups. The dashboard and data capabilities mean it’s simple to track the success (or failure!) of campaigns. Ultimately, the platform is easy to navigate making email creation simple – we’d be lost without it!

Lynsey Morrow, Sales & Marketing Manager. Campus North and Tech4Life

Websand email marketing and marketing automation for Eventbrite

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