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Websand Pricing

Use our calculator to work out your Websand subscription

Pricing based on your audience size with no hidden costs and unlimited sending.

Billing to be applied through your Shopify account based on the audience size in your Websand account.

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Any questions?

Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions or need to talk to someone please get in touch or schedule a call.

What if I have more people than my plan allows?

Don’t worry. If you go over the number of contacts in your plan, your plan will adjust to the next tier when you are billed. The billing increases are incremental so it won’t be a huge surprise and you’ll be advised of the billing through the Shopify APP.

If you are concerned about your data size, the best way to manage the account, is to purge your unwanted data.

Any problems please get in touch!

Do you have a free tier?

No, but we apply fair pricing based on the size of your audience rather than a load of functions and features you’ll never use.

Can you help us move email marketing tools?

Yes, as part of your onboarding process we’ll make sure you’ve got all the support you need to understand your data and start growing your business. If you’ve got questions regarding onboarding your existing email marketing please schedule a call on the calendar.

What happens if I reduce the size of my audience?

We always encourage customers to only hold the data they need. It will get you better results. If you reduce your audience size, you’ll be dropped down to a lower pricing tier. However, pricing is based on the ‘maximum’ size of your audience during each 30 day billing period the price drop won’t be immediate.

How can we talk to someone?

Of course, just book some time with one of the team through the meeting calendar.

Do you have a special plan for Agencies?

We love dealing with agencies, so please get in touch and tell us more about your agency.

Do you have a referral programme

We do, and it’s rewarding. So please get in touch and and tell us more about you.

Can you manage all our email marketing for us?

Yes we can. That’s how we started. If you need full email marketing management please book some time on our calendar. Note that depending on the circumstances we may hand you over to one of our partner agencies.