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How to Edit an email marketing message or template

Sometimes you need to change things, usually that’s a sign of progress, after all you win or you learn.

However, you want to be able to edit things without breaking things. Luckily for you, editing an existing email marketing message or template is easy in Websand – just make sure you turn off any marketing automation campaigns before you start your editing.

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Editing an email marketing message or email template

Sometimes you need to make some amendments to your email messages before you push them to a live audience via Campaign.

This simple video explains how to edit your messages within Websand – be they amends to your own HTML code or edits within messages created using our Email Editor.

To edit a message follow these simple steps.

  1. Click on ‘Message’ from the Websand header menu.
  2. Click on the ‘Message’ you wish to edit from your message list.
  3. Once in the Message view, click on the menu (square) and select either from the edit options.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the message you are editing is on a campaign, then any changes you make and save will apply to all future triggering of that message to the audience you have selected within your marketing campaign. You can see which campaign the message has been assigned in the Campaign tab on the right column of the message view.

If editing HTML

Simply edit the HTML into the editor and select save.

If editing using the email editor

Make the changes that you need to make to the message and select save.

For more details on how to use the email editor – see the create an email marketing message tutorial for more on that).

Cloning (or copy) an existing message

If you want to copy an existing message and edit that then…

Select the message you wish to copy from the message list and enter the message view screen.

From the menu in the far right corner (the square with three lines), select ‘save as a new message’.

Once you’ve created the message and you are happy with it, then hit the big save button on the right hand side of the screen.

If you want to save the message as a template, then click on the actions button and select ‘Save as template’.

View Message

Once you’ve saved the message, click on the Message menu and select the message to see the view.

You can view the message in Desktop or Mobile view.

In the right column you will be able to see details about the message, the substitutions within the message and also which campaigns have used the message (it can be on more than one message).

Important Notes when editing messages

1. Assigning an existing message to a different table.

Email messages created within Websand need to be assigned to a table before they can be saved.  Please select the table that is relevant to your message before you press the Save button.

If you are editing a message that is already attached to a campaign and you want to assign that message to a different table, you will need to ‘save the message as a new message’.

Once the new message has been created – i.e. Email Marketing Message would become Email Marketing Message – Copy 1.

Then simply assign the new message to a different table and change the title of the new message accordingly before saving.

2. Editing Substitution Tags

If you are editing or adding any new substitution tags to an existing message already attached to campaign.  Please follow these steps

  1. Pause all campaigns attached to the message
  2. After saving the message, edit the campaign to ensure that the data substitutions are correctly applied.

As a reminder, when using substitution tags…

Please use [ ]  and have the content as a single word lower case, for example [first].

Do not use words with upper case – e.g. [First]

Do not use words with spaces – e.g. [first name]

The data mapping of the [tags] you create will be applied when you create the campaign for your marketing message.

3. Setting up Unsubscribe

Please use [unsubscribe] as within your message as the unsubscribe tag.  All those people that then unsubscribe will be collected back into Websand and Websand will then make sure that they are removed from future marketing activity.

This keeps you safe from unsubscribe issues, future data protection changes and respects the wishes of your audience –

Just because they’ve unsubscribed doesn’t mean that they aren’t still buying from you.  You’ll be able to track that using Websand search!

4. Using Call to Action Buttons

Always use the default maximum line height. We’ve discovered that Outlook doesn’t like buttons that don’t have maximum line height. If you experience any problems in editing email messages, please email the details to, o book some time with us on the calendar below.

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