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Websand benefits

Ultimate Marketing Solution

Websand offers the ultimate marketing solution.  Supporting business growth by joining the dots between CRM, email marketing and business analytics.

Smarter Business Growth through synchronised customer data management and relevant marketing
Smarter Business Growth through synchronised customer data management and relevant marketing

Bespoke to YOU.  Websand is YOUR platform to fit YOUR business

The Websand platform is set up to reflect the information you wish to see about your customers and their impact on your business. It is unique to your business needs, and designed to make your business smarter.

Websand software is set up around your business. Your business is unique and your version of Websand will reflect this. It will be bespoke to your current business needs, and scalable to support your future business needs in terms of both platform and integration with your existing systems.

Single Customer View

Within Websand, we hold a 360 view of your customer activity, based on this we can apply business rules on any customer data you hold and remove the time and pain from these usually challenging marketing tasks.

Simple customer segmentation (Customer Centric Modelling)

Segmentation is can be really difficult to apply and can often be out of date as soon as it is completed.

Customer Centric Modelling makes customer segmentation easier, grouping customers based on their activity as it happens.  As customer data is synchronised, as things change, the grouping of your customers will change too.

Easier Email Marketing (the relevance3 engine)

The relevance3 engine makes email marketing easier, removing technical API requirements multiple software licences and time consuming list management administration.

Pushing one to one personalised marketing communications based on relevance and then synchronising the response to provide full campaign reporting and easy to understand marketing ROI.

Simple tailored reporting on demand.

As a business owner you want to understand what is going on, what is working and what isn’t.  Websand reporting is defined by you and available on demand.

More time on improving your business.

With Websand, you have a system that fits your business needs, reduced time on ‘typical’ data administration tasks, and reporting to allow you to monitor your progress. More time to understand and improve your business.

A smarter business

Websand creates a smarter business with a better understanding of customer information, increased customer retention, more profitable customer acquisition with less marketing administration.

Save time, money and make your business smarter with Websand.  Call 0191.4661190 now, or fill out a contact form to make a Websand appointment.