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Single Customer View

Creating a Single Customer View

Websand creates a single customer view and marketing automation platform for your business. Giving you the tools to benefit from the same data management strategies applied by major corporates when running customer loyalty or customer retention programs.

What is a Single Customer View?

Single customer view is the concept of putting your customer at the heart of your business and marketing.  Bringing together the key customer information from the data that is held across different parts of your business.


Customer Profile

The contact information and profile information about the customer. Who they are. Where they live. How you can contact them. Their marketing preferences.

Transactional Information

Transactional information, the evidence of your relationship with your customer.  What they have spent, when and how much.

Communication History

How your customers or contacts have reacted to the marketing communications you’ve issued. Do they open, click or ignore?

A single customer view from Websand

Websand creates a single customer view for your business by joining the dots between the existing data you hold into a single marketing plaform. Helping you to gain a better understanding about the behaviour of your customers and their value to your business.

Creating your single customer view

Websand will help you to get the most from the customer data that you collect.

Within Websand, the single customer view we create provides the foundation for the customer segmentation and marketing automation processes that will make your marketing activity easy to apply, relevant, highly personalized and more effective.

Using Websand it is easy to create your own customer segments and create new marketing strategies that are activated by the customer data that flows through your business everyday.

Simply create your ‘marketing rules’ within Websand, and they will be ‘triggered’ by the behaviour of your customers. For example,

Generate loyalty

Who are your most valuable customers based on customer lifetime value or spend over a certain time period?

Find out by creating a segment for customers that have spent over £956 with you or if perhaps they have spent again for the 9th time this year.

If you want to reward your loyalty customers as they reach these special milestones, Websand makes it easy.  Create a special message or promotional code for them.  When a customer reaches that special milestone – Websand will send them a special thank you.

Start Cross Selling

Who has bought what and when? – If someone buys some shoes, could you sell them some socks?

If you want to find out, create a trigger for people that buy shoes, create a message that sells socks and watch the sale of socks go through the roof.

Keep your customers and reduce retention

Do you have a retention strategy?  Websand makes it easy.

Create segments for customers that haven’t bought for a period of time (days, weeks, months) and messages that will remind them how fantastic your business is.

Be as specific as you need to be.  Create segments based on any information you capture.  So if you want to have retention campaigns built around customers that bought a leopard print jumper 3 months ago – no problem.

And…understand real outcomes from your marketing.

You’ve sent a campaign and you want to know what really happened.  No more wasted time trying to figure out what has gone on.

Websand will show you who was selected, who opened, who clicked, but more importantly who actually met the objectives of the campaign and bought something.

Websand gives your business a single customer view and the marketing tools you need to get the most from the customer data you collect. That’s why our customers enjoy a response rate 50% higher than the industry average.

It’s time to start getting more from your email marketing

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