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Data driven Email Marketing you can trust

Introducing Websand

Goodbye data lists. Hello customer engagement.
Cheers to more customer revenue!

At last! An email-marketing platform that does away with data headaches and gives you software that’s a cinch to use! Telling you exactly what you need to know about your customers, in one place, in real-time.

Introducing Websand, the data-driven email marketing platform that makes email communication a breeze, achieves double industry average open rates and scores your customers’ performance based on their lifetime value to your business.

You don’t need a marketing department to work it. The simple (and rather stunning) dashboards make the process as easy as 1, 2, 3. With their dynamic drag & drop editor (allowing HTML and video content) you can inject your company’s brand and bring your communication to life. Equipped with tailored email analytics, you’ll learn how to better reach your customers and with more relevant content – increase brand affinity and sales. No need for list building either, create dynamic segments through your existing data to produce invaluable customer insights, enabling better understanding on the overall profile of your customer base.

Create standout email experiences, get closer to your customers and optimise your sales opportunities.


Customer Segmentation

Your customer data is automatically managed in real time via our segmentation tool, so it’s dynamic and it simply flows in accordance with the frequency and the rules you set.

Create customer groups based on their profile, purchase history, lifetime value, time since last booking, or around the activity of previous marketing campaigns (clicks/opens).

We aren’t just restricted to your booking data, we can combine other data from a variety of Apps/CRMs/legacy systems as we’re integrated with Zapier, Websand Integrations so there’s zero developer/integration costs to pass on.

Go Freestyle, which simply means you can collect other relevant data that’s bespoke to your business. If you collect it, Websand gives you the power to segment it.

 Putting your Marketing ‘in-play’

Put your marketing strategy ‘in play’ by making your marketing a live process. Move away from managing email lists and create dynamic marketing segments around the behaviour of your customers.

Why Websand instead of Mailchimp?

Websand provides you with the tools to send marketing messages that are personalised, relevant, targeted and most importantly, sent at the right time.

On average we increase marketing performance by over 25%

GDPR compliant marketing helping you drive customer engagement

On average Websand users are recording response rates 100% higher than industry averages.

What’s more, we’ve had GDPR best practice baked into our platform since 2014. As we join marketing and spend information together for every customer – we follow best practice at all times and make it easy for you to understand so you’re able to measure the real outcomes of your marketing activity. As a result, your customers remain brand loyal and you become a smarter business through clever and highly relevant communication.

It’s time to start getting more from your email marketing

Sign up for a free Websand demo and let’s show you how to get the best from your email marketing.