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Importance of email marketing

Why is email still important to your business?

Here’s why…

91% of people check their email daily. It is ‘the’ widely accepted method of communication.

Research has shown that people who buy products marketed through email spend 138% more than people that do not receive email offers.

So it’s not surprising that 68% of marketers believe that email is core to their business.

However, are you using email marketing in a clever way?

If you are sending the same message to every customer then we’d suggest not.  Based on our experience, it also means that you are missing opportunities to grow your business and increase your profits.


But just how exactly do you make the most of email marketing?

That’s where Websand comes in.

The Websand marketing platform gives you the tools to create the right strategies for your email marketing, helping you to:


Segment your audience

Each of your customers are individuals, they are all different.

Some will be long standing customers.  Some will be new customers.  Some will have bought a lot of things.  Some not so many.

Understanding the relevance of your of your customers to your business, can help you to select which marketing message is the appropriate.

Grouping of your customers, also known as segmentation, allows you to easily identify groups of customers that meet certain criteria.

Within Websand, we make your customer data accessible to you and give you the tools to be able to group customers based on:

  • profile information,
  • spending history,
  • reactions to previous marketing messages; and even
  • customer lifetime value.

It’s all based on your data, within one system and in real time, so the groups you create change with the behaviour of your customers.

It’s one of the tools that businesses are looking for. According to a recent e-consultancy census, 52% of marketers say they are looking to improve email database segmentation.

Segmentation makes understanding your customer data easier.  That makes your decision making easier and allows you to make smarter decisions.

So… go with the flow and create some clever communication.


Send the right message to the right audience

By using a targeted approach and treating your customers as individuals, your email marketing works harder for you. Allowing you to reap as much value as possible from your investment.

You wouldn’t send a birthday card to everyone you know on the same day.  If you know someone’s birthday then you give it to them on their birthday.

The same is true of your marketing messages, and when you get it right, an engaged customer will typically spend 16% more.

Customer segmentation within Websand allows you easily identify key customer groups within your business. Making it easy to target marketing messages to them based on relevance.

For example, if you have just sold someone a car, then they are unlikely to want to buy another car for at least 12 months.

If you could segment your audience effectively why would you send everyone the same message?


Personalise your message

Personalisation doesn’t just mean ‘Dear John’ , it is about the personalising the context of each message.

For example, an email personally invites you to an event, three days after it happened. Or you are personally invited to an event which is already sold out. You are addressed by name but the message is clearly not personalised.

To make your marketing truly personalised, and much more appealing then make sure the context of your message is relevant to the audience.  It’s common sense really.

Our marketing platform makes it easy to put marketing personalisation into practice.  We call it ‘clever communication’.


So what exactly is Clever Communication?

Clever Communication is much more than a targeted and personalised way of marketing.  This is the application of marketing as a process.  Linking your marketing plan to customer behaviour.

By using Websand, you assign business rules to create branded marketing messages, that you assign to a specific type of customer behaviour.

When the behaviour of your customers meets a business rule within Websand, they automatically receive your on brand, personalised and relevant marketing messages.

It’s one to one marketing communication driven by your customer behaviour.

It also works on lack of behaviour so you can use Websand to create automated customer retention campaigns too.

We are making email marketing easier to apply with more effective results. Get in touch and start some clever communication