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Five steps to a smarter business

Websand’s five steps to a smarter business set up process defines the exact requirements for each client set up.

This is a tried and tested process to align Websand to your working processes, defining your marketing business rules and create reporting based on your business objectives.

Step 1: Defining the business rules

Following a review of your current business objectives and strategies, we’ll carry out an audit of your business processes. This information will define the business rules for bespoke set up of Websand.

Step 2: Defining the data structure

Websand holds a 360 degree view of your customer data, in-sync with your current business processes.

The data structure provides the ‘oil’ for the platform. An audit of your customer data defines the segmentation options and highlights where synchronisation is required.

Step 3: Defining the communication

Websand issues communications based on customer activity. For example, a customer hitting a spend level over a defined period or when a specific product or service is purchased.

Defining the communication requires a holistic audit of the current relationships you hold and an assessment of how we can help you to grow your business by targeted activity driven communications.

We look to define the journeys your customer makes with your business. Reviewing the communications you issue and what they say. It also comprises a review of any previous marketing campaigns. Wherever possible, we include content that is known to be effective.

Messages issued from Websand are pre-determined and approved and therefore will always be on brand.

Once live, communications will be triggered based on the business rules, and campaign reporting will be synchronised back into Websand, providing an easy way to monitor performance, customer retention and marketing ROI.

Step 4: Integration needs

Websand is a complementary technology built as business lego to integrate with existing data sources.

The Websand set up will look to mirror your existing client data sources. This removes data collection issues and limits organisational change to a minimum.

Step 5: Reporting

To be truly supportive of business growth and ensure continued support from our clients we need to be providing access to reporting that is aligned to the objectives of the business in real time, but from a customer perspective.

The reporting set up closes the feedback loop, supports informed strategic decision making from a customer centric view point to keep the business on track.

Once live…

Websand is flexible, every rule you apply can be changed. That way as your needs change and your business grows, the platform can be amended accordingly.

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