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Email marketing as a service

We are here to help you make your email marketing more effective

At Websand, we help businesses drive deeper engagement with their audience and make more money from their email marketing.  It’s our mission to make email your #1 growth engine and source of revenue

To turn your email marketing into a customer nurturing, revenue generating machine.

Understand your data and drive more sales

We have the tools and experience to drive engagement and revenue to your e-commerce store.  Here’s what we bring to the table…

Knowledge – We’ve got a background in loyalty marketing so we know how to generate insight from data and behaviour.

Experience – Through Websand we’ve sent billions of emails and been responsible for thousands of campaigns. We’ve seen what works and we’ve seen what doesn’t work.

Process – Using our tried and trusted marketing automation processes, we’ll help you identify those customers that really matter and keep them coming back for more.

Deliverability – It’s getting harder than ever to retain your rates of deliverability. We’ll check and maintain your email setup to make sure your marketing remains best friends with every inbox.

The whole experience from end-to-end is more personal. Websand quickly understood our brand and the support we receive is second to none. We never had this understanding, flexibility and support with Mailchimp. To have someone on the end of the phone, email and/or SMS, makes a huge difference to their overall level of service”. Jon Hutchings, Head of Ecommerce at 304 Clothing

Building your new growth engine

The tried and tested Websand playbook gives a solid approach to three key areas to unlock your growth. We’ll create marketing programmes unique to your business and relevant to your audience.

Convert more prospects

You spend all that time and money acquiring leads but only a small % convert.  It’s such a shame.  Typically 80% of an email list is made up of people that aren’t customers.  Let’s change that by focusing effort on converting more of those prospects into revenue generating customers.

Retain existing customers

In our experience, as few as 20% of your customers will purchase more than once.  The main reason is a lack of targeted attention on those people that have spent money with you.  We’ve established the journey from welcome to purchase, now we fix the journey from first purchase to the next purchase.

Build customer loyalty

It’s where the money is.  It’s five times cheaper to keep a customer so let’s keep the audience strong.  You don’t need points to create loyalty, but you do need a strategy.  Together we’ll create engaging email communications to retain your high value customers and make sure those customers at risk of buying elsewhere keep coming back.

How it works

Get in touch, let’s review how things are and set some new benchmarks

Agree a plan

Get in touch and let’s find out more about your business and what you want to achieve from email marketing as a service

Target your marketing

We’ll get into gear. Put some serious segmentation in place. Gloss up your email templates. Get targeted campaigns scheduled

Drive engagement

Put the playbooks into action. Email programmes to drive engagement, customer retention or stimulate customer loyalty.

“Websand is brilliant it’s just too easy.  I didn’t realise how clever it was. All my data is now managed just as I need it. I don’t know how we coped without it.” Becky Tuer, Sales and Marketing Manager, Sharrow Bay Hotel

Let’s talk about growth

Book a call for initial 15 minute chat and let’s get your growth engine started