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Your Customer Focused Email Marketing Software

What’s the story?

The best businesses are successful because they join the dots between their marketing strategy and customer behaviour.

They focus on understanding who their best / most profitable customers are. They focus on building loyalty and retaining their business with them and importantly, on finding more customers like them.

They call this Loyalty Marketing.

Websand is based on over 15 years experience in helping global businesses to join the dots between their marketing strategy and customer behaviour through loyalty programmes.

Our mission is to give you the marketing platform to become a smarter business, to help you increase engagement with your customers and to make email marketing more effective and easier to apply.

Websand paid for itself in 5 minutes. Very impressed.

Peter Hunt, OSE European

Peter Hunt, Managing Director, OSE European.

Engage with your customers

We believe the focus of your marketing should be your customers not managing lists.

Create opportunities from your customer data

By getting the most from the customer data you collect within your business every day.

If you are spending all your marketing budget on acquisition, you are missing a huge opportunity to grow your business – your existing customers.

Websand helps you to find the real value created by each customer you deal with.  What they’ve bought, when they’ve bought it, how they react to marketing messages and how much value they create for your business (customer lifetime value).

Websand helps you to create deeper engagement with your customers and make your marketing more effective marketing by…

  • Giving you a deeper understanding of your customers, based on the value they’ve delivered to your business.
  • Managing the flow of customer data your business collects everyday as part of normal working practice.  Make this your marketing oil. Customer updates, customer spend behaviour and responses to email marketing messages.
  • Create real time customer segmentation, to find those customers that really matter and those that are on the way out of the exit door.
  • Create a process for your marketing strategy, put it in play with Marketing automation and then relax.  Websand will do the rest. Sending one to one marketing messages personalized to your customers based on their behaviour and profiles.
  • All the data is looped back into Websand, so you have all the information at your finger tips.  Reporting on the real impact of your marketing (spend) as well as the more traditional email marketing metrics such as the Open and the Click.

Websand gives you the mechanism to bring your marketing to life.  Moving from one size fits all email lists, to dynamic personalised customer focused email marketing.   We like to think of it as supporting clever communication.

How you will benefit

More effective email marketing

Simply put, our clients are recording response rates 50% higher than industry averages.  If you want to get better at email marketing, Websand is a no brainer.

A more efficient marketing process

Using Websand you’ll have the platform to create a marketing machine that sends your marketing messages when your customers demand it.

Save valuable time

No more drowning in data and spending hours and hours managing lists.  Websand powers customer focused email marketing not list based email marketing.

Make more sales

Email marketing that is driven by the behaviour of your customers is proven to increases response rates and increase your sales.

Improve your marketing performance

Do less but get more.  You’ll spend less time on your email marketing, but it will be more effective than ever.  It’s easy to manage your marketing ROI too.  You’ll be counting the days until your next performance review.

Easier decision making

It’s so easy to see what part of your cleverly thought out marketing strategy are working like a dream and which bits need a bit of fine tuning.

Become a Smarter Business

If you want increased customer engagement, the ability to find and take advantage of previously missed opportunities, increased your sales and a deeper understanding of your customers behaviour – Websand is the marketing platform you’ve been looking for.

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