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Is Facebook the new Marketing Electoral Register?

Marketing Electoral Register The Electoral Register is the Marketing List for the UK, and boy do we like an election in the UK.  We’ve had three in the past few years, with one common thread, the data has been so open to interpretation not even Nate Silver and the clever folk at fivethirtyeight can call the result. […]

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Lean Marketing – Lionel Richie Style

Hello…is it me you’re looking for? Did you know that Lionel Richie is a marketing genius?  It’s time to take some data driven marketing lessons from Lionel Richie. Improve how we do things, score some major success and make marketing  Easy…(Like a Sunday Morning)

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Data Driven Marketing and Data Protection Seminar

Breakfast Seminar. 14th October at Muckle LLC Newcastle from 8am. Click here to register Websand are delighted to invite you to a Breakfast Seminar about the importance of data to your business. How you can utilise the data you collect to grow your business and the legal issues you need to know to future proof […]