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A story about customer value segmentation

Why customer segmentation is important Does your business apply customer value segmentation?  You probably do but without realising.  Consider the following scene… The phone rings in the bar of a popular restaurant and the proprietor answers: “I’m sorry but I don’t have room for a party of 14 tonight” Two minutes later – he turns […]

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Data Strategy Lessons from F1

Data Strategy Lessons from Sport – F1 Sport is a very competitive environment and can be a great source of knowledge to help improve your business, F1 provides some great data strategy lessons. F1 teams make quick data driven decisions.  They collect huge amounts of data and use this to make key decisions during races. […]

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Websands 4C’s of Lean Marketing

I launched this idea as part of a talk at a Lean North East back in October. This also included historic footage of Lisa Simpson creating the Lean Start Up – but that is for another post and is subject to copyright (see the Duffless episode from Season 4).