Easier Marketing Automation

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Easier Marketing Automation

Avoid the traffic

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Businesses have a process for everything, yet marketing tends to be focused on campaigns rather than a business process, and in the case of email; it’s lists rather than customers.

Websand gives you the ability to change all of that.


Websand joins the dots between your customer data and your marketing plans.  Giving you the ability to segment your customers based on behaviour and then create an effective and easy to measure marketing process.

Websand allows you to create marketing that engages with each customer as an individual.  Messages that are sent based on the behaviour of each individual and prove that you are in tune with their needs.

You create the marketing strategy, and Websand will put the marketing process in-play.

Create a suite of key marketing messages that patiently wait until your audience meets the right conditions.

Making your email marketing, engaging, personalised and highly effective.[vc_video link=”https://vimeo.com/102107975″]

Create marketing that surprises and delights

If you want to reward a customer when they have made their 43rd purchase.

No problem.

That marketing message will be issued when the customer makes their 43rd purchase.

Customer rewarded!

And better still it’s all handled as an automatic process, so you can spend your time focusing on making things even better next time.

How does it work

Websand gives you the mechanism to create marketing processes.  Create nurture campaigns, manage customer churn, or reward those extra special customers.

Once you create the process, it will run like clockwork.

Here is how it works.

1. Data Management

Websand links to the customer data within your business.  That’s the data you collect every day.  Spend activity, form filling, CRM.  You can put all of that knowledge that is collected to good work.

2. Real Time Segmentation

Now what are you going to do with this data?  Websand will manages your data into groups based on the rules you create.  So the people that you really want to know about can easily be identified.


Websand Marketing Process

3. Email Marketing Automation

Your data is managed, and the customers you want to talk to have been identified.  Now what are you going to say to them, and when is the best time to say it?

Set up your trigger rules and every customer that meets that rule will be sent that special message you’ve created – just for them.

4. Reporting

Now every self respecting marketing person wants to understand what is going on, otherwise how can you get even better!

The delivery reports, the opens and the clicks from the Email are all updated back into Websand, so you can search on those too.

Of course, what you are really interested in is what did they do next?

Create a group based on those people that have received a message and what you want them to do next, and bingo!

That’s your marketing outcome report magically updated every time someone follows the marketing path you’ve sent them on.

5. Repeat

It’s a fully automated process, so it keeps going until you tell it to stop.

As your customers respond to one email, they’ll receive the next, and so on, the marketing cycle continues.

Its a marketing process based on your marketing strategy

If you need to change any of the searches or triggers, then of course you can do that too…
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Why you need this

  • More effective email marketing – marketing messages are issued based on customer behaviour. As a result our clients are recording response rates 50% higher than industry averages.
  • A more efficient marketing process – your customer data is managed in line with your business activity. So no more time wasted on manual segmentation or list management.
  • Increased sales – more relevant marketing leads to increased response rates and increases in sales
  • Increased marketing ROI – increased sales means a much better marketing ROI
  • Easier decision making – your customer profile, customer sales and marketing data is managed. Reports are updated based on response and sales so it’s easier to measure the performance of your marketing strategy.
  • Smarter Business – increased customer engagement, no more missed opportunities, increased sales and a deeper understanding of your customers behaviour.


Perhaps you’ve got all of this covered, perhaps you don’t want to get better? I’m sure your competitors feel exactly the same way.
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